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Boulevard Brewing Company

2501 Southwest Boulevard

In 1988, the first half-barrel of Boulevard Pale Ale was delivered personally by founder John McDonald. He drove it across the street to Ponak's Mexican Kitchen in the back of his pickup truck. 

New York Life Building

20 West Ninth

The New York Life Building was Kansas City's first skyscraper. It was also the first building in Kansas City to have an elevator. The structure, built in 1890, has an identical twin, downtown Omaha's National Bank Building. It's now home to the Catholic Center.


Sacred Heart Church

26th and Madison. 

AD 1896.


Firestone Building

2001 Grand Boulevard 

The Firestone Building was built in 1914. Asked why he chose KC for the tire manufacturer's largest structure, Harvey Firestone said "Kansas City is going to be a great city. It has the location, the spirit, the enterprise, the transportation facilities and the great warehouse of resources on which to feed and grow."

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Nelson-Museum of Art

4525 Oak Street

"The soul has greater need of the ideal than of the real." -Victor Hugo

Liberty Memorial

The Liberty Memorial is dedicated to the soldiers who died in World War I. The National World War I Museum is located below the 217 foot tall limestone tower. The inscription on the Great Frieze reads: "These have dared bear the torches of sacrifice and service. Their bodies return to dust but their work liveth evermore. Let us strive on to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations."


Imperial Brewery Building

2501 Southwest Boulevard

The Imperial Brewery was built in 1902. It closed its doors in 1918, at the onset of Prohibition. A year later it reopened as a flour mill and remained in operation for 60 years before shutting down in the late 80s.


Katz Drug Store

43rd & Main Street

The Katz Brothers started in business with a West Bottoms fruit stand. They expanded the fruit stand to a few downtown cigar stands and turned those cigar stands into sixty-five drug stores and a hundred-million dollar operation across the Midwest. The midtown Kansas City location opened in 1934 and houses artists' studios


Redemptorist Church

2001 Grand Boulevard 

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church is affectionately called Redemptorist Church by Kansas Citians. The Gothic Revival church was built in 1912. 

Our Lady of Guadalupe Church

23rd & Madison Avenue 

Our Lady of Guadalupe is a symbol of unity and solidarity among Mexicans. In 1531, Juan Diego encountered a young girl in the hills outside of Mexico City. He recognized her as the Virgin Mary, and asked her to perform miracles to prove who she was. Within days, Juan Diego’s uncle was healed. He found roses growing on a barren hilltop and he gathered them in his cloak. When he returned to show the bishop, the roses fell to reveal the image of the Virgin Mary.

Kansas City’s Our Lady of Guadalupe church sits at the foot of the hills in the Westside. Though the parish has merged with another, the building is maintained as a shrine.

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Theis Park

Barclay Martin plays a Sunday afternoon concert on the edge of Brush Creek.

Westport Middle School

300 E 39th Street