I draw the things I love: buildings, music, sports and the great outdoors.


I’m an illustrator, designer and musician based in Brooklyn, NY. I grew up drawing in Mulvane, KS, studied architecture at the University of Kansas, and spent my post-college years wandering the streets of Kansas City, sketchbook in hand.

Most every Sunday afternoon I pack a sketchbook, a pen and a few markers and go out in search of a subject. I draw to learn about the places and people around me.

Want to commission an original illustration or purchase a print of an existing work? Shoot me an email here.



Metropolitan Transportation Authority
The University of Kansas Endowment Association
Ottawa University
Roanoke Park Conservancy
Leisure Life NYC

Westside Storey
The Noise FM
The Sexy Accident
It’s True
Cowboy Indian Bear
All Ears DJ



Tipsy Brooklyn: October 2016, Brooklyn, NY

Empire State Building Window Display: February 2016, New York, NY

ArtWorks Live Art Benefit: October 2015, New York, NY

Volkerfest: July 2015, Kansas City, MO

Penn Valley Park Plein Air Gallery Exhibition: Summer 2015, Kansas City, MO

Monster Drawing Rally; Women In Design Benefit: 2012-2015, Kansas City, MO

Brush Creek Artwalk: Fall 2014, Bruce R. Watkins Cultural Center, Kansas City, MO

Collective: The Artists of Hufft Projects: Summer 2014, Kansas City, MO

Possibilities Gallery: Mankato Travelogue: Summer 2013, Mankato, KS

Room 39: Kansas City Travelogue: Spring 2013, Kansas City, MO

Art through Architecture “Artboards,” Missouri Bank: Fall 2012, Kansas City, MO



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